About us

We want to take finance off your mind and let you do what you are good at.

CFOrent - We take finance off your mind
CFOrent - We take finance off your mind
Our story

Growth and change is in our DNA, excellence is what we strive for.

CFOrent is the result of years of experience and a passion for entrepreneurship

CFOrent was founded in 2019, based on the longlasting trust of partners who have worked together for over a decade. The three founders (Joris, Dieter, Jan)  who met each other in different places, came together and built the fundamentals of CFOrent while brainstorming in a bar on the ‘Mechelseplein’ in Antwerp. These roots of Antwerp can still be found back in the logo.

The founders can build on a strong background in finance and management combined with a clear vision and passion for entrepreneurship, they decided to shape the future of various other businesses, together. 

This vision and feeling have made sure that CFOrent was able to grow steadily since 2019. The growth of our clients enabled also the fact that CFOrent has an international footprint with the office in New York. This international footprint is still an important element, as CFOrent can help clients while crossing the Atlantic. 

After the departure of Jan, Dieter and Joris decided to step-up a notch and decided that to increase the impact on multiple organisations. To do this the team needed to grow further. By working with a team of skilled financial professionals with backgrounds in audit, controlling, tax and business control, who are taught to thrive in a digital world of growth, change and flexibility, the impact of CFOrent on organisations in Europe and the United States can grow. 

We seek to drive this entrepreneurial mindset to the fullest while enabling others as well. Collaboration will remain one the most important elements by which our company will evolve. We’ll continue to strengthen our dynamic team driven by experienced leadership. 

Growth and change is in our DNA, and that is exactly what we’ll do! As an organisation, with and for our clients. Because when working together, more is possible to achieve than meets the eye. 

CFOrent wants to be an enabler for growth in your organisation and is known to work in competitive, dynamic environments. CFOrent truly stands next to you.


Cornerstones of the CFOrent story

Dec 2019
CFOrent was founded
Mar 2020
First US based clients
May 2020
First PMV Corona Loan granted
Aug 2020
First fundraising mandate for CFOrent
Feb 2021
Second hire
Jan 2022
13M raised for NOBI
Feb 2020
10M raised for NOBI
April 2020
First SME-sized client
June 2020
First employee joins the company
Dec 2020
New office and yet another new colleague
Sep 2021
First post corona team drink
Mar 2022
4 new colleagues start
numbers behind cforent

Our key elements


Funding acquired

CFOrent raised more than 100 million in combined capital for their clients. From banks, investors, governments and international organisations to VC’s and business angels.



Clients served

More than 50 clients have acquired services from CFOrent, relying on our expertise, business acumen and critical views to tackle their challenges.



Team members

Our difference is made by our people and by keeping ourselves nimble and flexible, we can commit to delivering results and change.


Your partner in financial strategy and awareness in your organization.

Over the past years we have developed a broad, international network with and for our clients.
The Tipping Point builds the skills of today and tomorrow. They provide training and consulting that assists organisations in training and implementing soft skills. The Tipping Point gives trainings to big companies in the Benelux and has been growing steadily into one of the market leaders into one of the growth segments of the coming years.
Loop Earplugs is a global fast-growing company providing high-quality earplugs that are easy to use. They make them comfortable, stylish, low-profile and reusable.
Seafar is an independent ship management company that provides services to operate unmanned and crew-saving vessels for ship owners and shipping companies. Seafar is at the forefront of the development and operational integration of state-of-the-art technologies for semi-autonomous and unmanned shipping.
Hinicio is a strategy consulting firm specialized in sustainable energy and transport. Their expertise focuses on renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency and sustainable transport. Since 2007 Hinicio has been developing and consolidating a unique level competence center in the field of hydrogen energy. Hinicio unfolds this expertise worldwide.
Vadigran is one of the leading producers in the wholesale Benelux pet food market. As a strong family business they continue to expand their operations rapidly and are determined to create a more sustainable pet lifestyle.
Radix empowers organisations with AI, leading them to increased productivity and profitability. They define, design and develop human-centred AI solutions that users and companies love to use.
CFOrent - We take finance off your mind - New York
How we work

Committed to being a part of your organisation

We are committed to be a part of your organisation, to scale and develop your internal processes, with the team, as a member of the team. Along with strategic and external stakeholder management, we truly believe in being the business partner your organisation needs.
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Let’s work together.

Are you looking for a strategic partner with financial expertise? Do you have questions on how we can help your organization? Make sure to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.