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We want to take finance off your mind and let you do what you are good at.

CFOrent - We take finance off your mind
CFOrent - We take finance off your mind

The company is growing.  Rapidly. Processes and people need to follow. CFOrent provides the necessary and constant flow of correct information into your business.

Our approach

How we work

CFOrent provides a clear plan of approach and consistent flow of insights for businesses looking to scale fast.

Prospect & analyze

Prospect & gather necessary information and analyze.

Audit, fact finding & as-is to to-be analysis

We always start with stating the facts. Where is the organisation now, and where does it want to be.

Personalized approach with clear roadmap

Together with the organization we create a plan of approach to grow in a financial secure manner.

Execute & implement directly

In close collaboration with the organisation, we execute the plan we set up.

Evaluate & follow-up

CFOrent constantly monitors and evaluates the results of all efforts.


If necessary, we go back to drawing board. We optimize our approach and implement changes when needed.

CFOrent - We take finance off your mind

CFOrent provides a consistent flow of insights for scale-ups in a rapid moving environment

The company is growing. Rapidly. Processes and people need to follow. Business insights don’t present themselves out of nowhere, especially in a rapid moving environment. Internal and external processes need to be developed in parallel and cash needs to be monitored closely.

Why CFOrent

Internationalisation, acquiring funding, streamlining processes, setting up new processes are all areas which have been successfully performed when scaling a business. The CFOrent team has significant experience and expertise in those areas. As such we can apply best practices and known how to handle the variety of situations your scale-up can find himself into.
CFOrent helped bringing numerous clients to a next phase of maturity, either on financial, strategic, organizational or digital area’s.
With a growing number of stakeholders, new clients, employees, partners and investors ahead, managing relationships and remaining in the driver seat is challenging. We help steering, accelerating or even braking when necessary.
CFOrent - We take finance off your mind

Let’s scale your business, together.

Are you looking for a strategic partner with financial expertise? Do you have questions on how we can help your organization? Make sure to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.