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Finance & Business Associate

Outstanding career opportunities for ambitious finance professionals

The finance & business associate operates independently, though in collaboration with a (Finance Business) partner on different projects. He will have the opportunity to work with, and for the client while providing added value. 

His role will be to support the company in setting up and optimising operations and processes. Generating a direct positive impact within the organisation. In collaboration with a partner he will guide the organisation through budgeting, forecasting and provide the necessary support to create reporting for external purposes. 

Help shape the transformation in which a business is engaged, from a financial perspective. A business and finance associate will be responsible for creating added value through setting up, managing and monitoring processes . 

  • Guiding financial transformation 
  • Setting up and managing internal processes
  • Guide budgeting and forecasting
  • Setting up extensive and complex management reporting
  • Offering advice on accounting, fiscal and financial procedures
  • Key financial analysis
  • Creating investment cases, advising strategy
  • Compiling audits, reviews and tax preparation
  • Identifying and advising on new strategic opportunities
  • Advising core management 
  • Implementing and creating procedures to improve financial and business processes
  • Strong prePresent reports/findings to your manager and enable clients to make informed decisions for their business


  • Master degree with a background in finance
  • Minimum 3 years experience in finance and/or management role
  • Fluent in english and dutch
  • Strong communicative skillset
  • Experience in financial modelling and representation
  • Business and organisational experience from prior experience
  • Hands-on ‘get it done’ attitude

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