How Much Money Should(n’t) You Raise?

One of the most critical questions that startup founders face is how much money they should raise for their company. The answer is not as simple as a one-size-fits-all solution, as it depends on various factors specific to each company, such as its industry, growth potential, and business model. However, raising too much money can […]

Begroting 2023 – 2024: Impact van de maatregelen

Op 11 oktober 2022 heeft de Belgische regering ingestemd met de federale begroting voor 2023 en 2024, inclusief enkele belangrijke belasting- en socialezekerheids maatregelen. We vatten de maatregelen samen die voor bedrijven gevestigd in België een impact kunnen geven.

Alternative Funding Sources: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to funding a startup, the options can be overwhelming. From traditional bank loans to venture capital, there are a variety of options for entrepreneurs to explore. But for those looking for more flexible and tailored options especially in these difficult times, alternative sources of funding may be the best route.

What’s the Difference Between a CFO, Controller, and Accountant for a SME in Belgium?

As a small to medium-sized enterprise in Belgium, it can be challenging to determine the role you need to fill when it comes to financial management. Three common positions that may come to mind are CFO, controller, and accountant. Although these roles may seem similar, they have distinct differences that can impact your business’s financial success.

Metrics Series: Financial Metrics

In this blog, we bring together the entire mini series into a whole, where we go over financial metrics in full. With this blog, you should gain a basic knowledge to be able to track the financial health of your business properly!

Metrics Mini-Series: Profitability (1)

Metrics Series - Profitability

Profitability is an important metric used to measure a company’s success. It is calculated by subtracting a company’s total expenses from its total revenue. A positive profitability indicates that the company is doing well and is generating a net profit.

Metrics Mini-Series: Net Working Capital (3)

Metrics Series - SaaS

Net Working Capital (NWC) is a key metric used to measure a company’s liquidity and financial health. It is calculated by subtracting a company’s current liabilities from its current assets.

Metrics Mini-Series (3) : Sales Metrics

Metrics Series - Sales Metrics

Metrics are a proven staple of the finance department, helping managers to monitor their company’s financial health and optimize their resources to support future ambitions.

Metrics Mini-Series (2) : Marketing Funnel

Metrics Series - Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnels are essential tools used to measure and improve marketing performance. They allow companies to track their customers’ journey through the sales cycle and identify areas of improvement.

Metrics – Mini-Series (1) : Marketing Strategy

Metrics Series - Marketing Strategy

This marketing blog can help you measure and track the success of your marketing strategies. By defining and monitoring key metrics such as target audience size, brand awareness, and online views, you can ensure that your campaign goals are being met.