How to negotiating a term sheet in challenging times

In scenarios where sales traction is not as expected and the runway may be shorter than anticipated, it can be challenging to find a suitable investor to bridge that gap without giving away a significant stake of the company. In such situations, it can be crucial to know the ins and outs of a term […]

Empowering Your Business by Understanding Covenants and Collateral

In the dynamic landscape of the Belgian finance, but broader also the European, securing a loan involves navigating through a maze of regulations, negotiations, and financial obstacles. In our experience, the general perception today is that acquiring a loan seems more difficult, takes longer and comes with more and more conditions in order to get […]

Slimme Keuzes voor Bedrijfswagens in België

Midden 2023, op 30 juni ging er een nieuwe regeling in voor bedrijfswagens in België. Deze regeling bouwt de bestaande fiscale voordelen af van hybride wagens, zodat de elektrificatie van het wagenpark een fiscaal relatief voordeel krijgt. Maar wat doe je nu als bedrijf met je wagenpark? Kies je voor zelf aankopen, leasen, het opzetten […]

Financial Insights: Planning Growth Based On Interest Rates

If you’re up-to-date with the financial press, you might have heard a lot of speculation in recent months about a suggested lowering of ECB-rates. The prospect of lowering the rates might make you consider whether today is the right time to make a large investment instead of waiting for the lowering of these rates. In […]

Enhancing Company Valuation: A Strategic Guide for CEO’s and CFO’s

In the dynamic world of business, CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs continually face the challenge of elevating their company’s value. The core question persists: How can you significantly enhance your company’s valuation without resorting to extended hours or increased workload? Supercharging the value of your company Understanding and leveraging key financial strategies is pivotal. This guide delves […]

Navigating Startup Success: Understanding Cap Tables and Their Crucial Role

In the dynamic world of startup companies, the journey to success is sometimes marked by funding rounds, each impacting the ownership structure and, consequently, the distribution of returns. At the heart of this financial orchestration lies a critical component—the Cap Table, short for Capitalization Table. A Cap Table is a comprehensive ledger that outlines the […]

Mastering the Art of Billability: A guide to managing a Successful Consultancy Business

Running a consultancy business is a dynamic juggling act. Success in this industry hinges on effectively balancing these two critical tasks. On the one hand, you’re tasked with delivering high-quality services to your clients, while on the other, you’re constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. To do this effectively, it’s crucial to understand and […]