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Once upon a time, you heard about the incredible riches hidden in your data. Vital insights into your organisation.


Metrics Series: Financial Metrics

In this blog, we bring together the entire mini series into a whole, where we go over financial metrics in full. With this blog, you should gain a basic knowledge to be able to track the financial health of your business properly!

Metrics Mini-Series: Profitability (1)

Profitability is an important metric used to measure a company’s success. It is calculated by subtracting a company’s total expenses from its total revenue. A positive profitability indicates that the company is doing well and is generating a net profit.

Metrics Mini-Series: Net Working Capital (3)

Net Working Capital (NWC) is a key metric used to measure a company’s liquidity and financial health. It is calculated by subtracting a company’s current liabilities from its current assets.

Metrics Mini-Series (3) : Sales Metrics

Metrics are a proven staple of the finance department, helping managers to monitor their company’s financial health and optimize their resources to support future ambitions.

Metrics Mini-Series (2) : Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnels are essential tools used to measure and improve marketing performance. They allow companies to track their customers’ journey through the sales cycle and identify areas of improvement.

Metrics – Mini-Series (1) : Marketing Strategy

This marketing blog can help you measure and track the success of your marketing strategies. By defining and monitoring key metrics such as target audience size, brand awareness, and online views, you can ensure that your campaign goals are being met.

Metrics Series: Sales & Marketing

Marketing and sales are two of the most important components of any business, and understanding the metrics associated with them is key to success. This blog is the combination of all the marketing mini series blogs can help you track and analyze the performance of your marketing and sales strategies.

Metrics Mini-Series: Solvability (4)

To achieve ROI, investors investigate opportunities from a variety of angles, with a particular focus on the company’s solvability metrics.

Metrics Series: SaaS

SaaS has grown immensely and it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you ensure your company gets the investment it needs?

Metrics Mini-Series: Liquidity (2)

Using metrics to measure your liquidity will help you to follow up your cash health and give you insights on how to improve it. Let’s take a look at some useful liquidity metrics.